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A selection of some of my favourite pieces, as seen in VICE, VICE World News, Deutsche Welle and EURACTIV.


I’ve Hosted Over 50 Refugees in My Home Over the Last 18 Months

May 2021

1602617956641-l3mmestill004 (1).jpg

Her Child Was Killed. Then She Was Assassinated Investigating the Murder.

November 2020


How the Beirut Crisis Exposed Modern Day Slavery in Lebanon

October 2020

How Israel's Annexation Plan Would Make Life Even Harder for Palestinians

July 2020


Know Their Names: Seven Stories of Police Brutality in Europe

June 2020


How a Faecal Transplant Changed My Life

October 2020


World Cup 2018: Belgium Loses Semifinal but Gains National Pride

July 2018


Demertzis: "Verhandlungen Mit Trump Bringen Nichts"

July 2018


Wanted: New Revenue Models for European Media

March 2017

Portfolio: Work


Samples of article translations I have edited and adapted for international audiences.

The original piece was an interview with the author's father, whose family joined the resistance fighters during the Algerian War of Independence. The piece was originally published in French on VICE Belgium. Since English-speaking audiences are less familiar with these events, I turned the piece into a rolling text and added more historical context.


The original article was written by a Mexican food journalist and published on VICE Latin America. It was an ode to chilis and a reflection on their importance in Mexican cuisine and culture. For international audiences, I stripped the piece down of overly specific references, highlighting what we know about eating chilis from a scientific perspective while maintaining some of the author's sentimental flare.

This started as a very niche piece on VICE Italy about a traditional type of pasta from the south made with a type of wheat that used to be illegal. Although this isn't the typical story an international editor would pick up, we expanded it with a bit of context about Calabria's history and culinary tradition. It worked – the original only had 20K views while the international version reached 900K readers.

Portfolio: Work


A few samples of the articles I have translated and adapted to international audiences.
(Italian, French and German into English)

Portfolio: Work

Other Projects

Portfolio: Work

Where is justice for Daphne Caruana Galicia?

Episode on the Old Continent Podcast - Aarhus Student Radio

Image by Soundtrap

Anti-feminist YouTube Influencers Multimedia Project

A multimedia reportage into the world of female far-right activists based on my master thesis

Image by NordWood Themes

Why the Migration News Coverage Is Broken – and How We Can Fix It

Article for the web magazine of the 2019 International Journalism Festival where I was a volunteer editor and contributor.

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